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Hello, iPocketWallet 6X

Introducing the iPocketWallet 6X, a wallet that doubles as a carrying case for your smartphone. iPocketWallet is the original wallet and smartphone case combo. What differentiates our unique product from competitors is attention to design. We based our design from a wallet first and a smartphone case second, not the other way around.

Smartphone cases suffer from one big problem, BULKINESS. Most cases are composed of thick leather, belt clips and buckles. This type of case defeats the purpose of buying a phone that was designed to be less than half an inch thick! At iPocketWallet we solved this problem by custom designing and manufacturing a wallet and smartphone case that comfortably fits inside your pants pocket.

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Wallet Upgrades

Softer Leather

Upgrading the leather was the easiest decision to make. After dozens of samples we believe we've found the perfect leather for iPocketWallet. It's softer, thinner, and breaks in faster than our previous generations.

Thinner Design

Wallets take a beating. We use them constantly. You'll reach for your iPocketWallet even more because of phone calls, texting, social media and gaming. We wanted to make the wallet stronger and last longer.

Bonus Features

The driver's license ID window has been enlarged by 40 percent. This makes it much easier to show your ID without taking it out of your wallet. We also cut a curve into the leather edge to make it easier to take money out, and put it back in.

Watch The Video

Demo iPocketWallet 6X Video shown with iPhone 6 »

Free Shipping

Free Domestic. International $5.

Customer Service

Shipping & Handling
Shipping & Handling Once your order confirmation is received your purchase will be shipped via USPS First Class mail within 2 business days. Shipments will originate from New York, USA. Shipping time within the continental United States is 3-5 business days. Outside of the USA delivery may take upwards of 10 days, depending on your shipping destination.

Didn't like the wallet? Not what you expected? What's wrong with you! - Just kidding. We accept returns. You have 20 days from your estimated arrival date to return the product in lightly USED condition. Include a copy of your confirmation. There is a $5.00 restocking fee, and all refunds are subject to inspection. So, unpack your wallet and try it out but be considerate.

PLEASE NOTE: In time, the leather will soften, become supple, lay nice and flat and soon hug all your wallet items. This is normal for most quality leather wallets. The wallet will usually conform within a week of normal use and any of that 'new leather bulky feel' will disappear. It will soon feel as comfortable as an old shoe.

FAQ: What's your contact information

You can reach us at either owen@ipocketwallet.com or by calling (516) 557-5791. Please leave a voicemail with your question and email address to reach you back at.

Why should I get one? (my opinion)

This product really makes my wallet items and phone placement comfortable, safe and easily accessible. It's sleek, my jeans pockets are no longer overcrowded with stuff. The best part, the iPocketwallet LOOKS like a wallet, it doesn't give you the impression of a cell phone case.

Will using the phone be annoying and will I be able to hear the ringer when inside the wallet? And take it out to answer on time?

With either the loud ringer or vibrate on, it works equally as well as with an iPocketWallet. It takes about 1 more second to answer your phone. (won't be the reason why you missed a call)

How much is shipping?

Shipping and handling is $5 US.

How long does it take?

Usually it arrives faster then expected. Shipments go out every day but Sunday.

Whats the difference between iPocketWallet, myBlackBerryWallet and myCellPhoneWallet?

Nothing, it's the same product. Originally constructed for the iPhone, the wallet works with many different types of cell phones/pda/smart phones.

Does the iPhone still fit with a protective shell on it?

Yes, the thin plastic shells work perfectly! It gives the iPhone a snugger fit inside the iPocketWallet. The wallet acts as a soft case so if you drop your phone, the iPocketWallet can help decrease the impact of the fall.

A phone in a wallet, will I be able to get used to this?

Its Great! The same way we felt about the iPhone keyboard. At first, we questioned converting to the iPhone keyboard because we were used to the QWERTY VX-6700 keyboard. Then after a week in our workspace, we loved it. That's the same way we feel about the wallet. It takes about a week or two of getting used to, but you'll love it.

I didn't like it, what address do I mail to?

Email me I will send it to you! It's also in your confirmation order email.